Bounty affiliate program image

1. Affiliate program

Do you have friends you think should use and own Wexo? You can refer them through your Wexo wallet. Your friend then needs to download this wallet, register, and get verified. Once this process is done, both you and your friend get 10 Wexo tokens each.

  • Reward:10 + 10 Wexo tokens

• Copy your affiliate link or code and send it to your friend

What does your friend have to do?

  • 1. Register on Wexo
  • 2. If you sent him affiliate code, he must insert this code to his profile in the Affiliate section
  • 3. Verify his identity
  • 4. And done, you both get 10 Wexo Tokens
Bounty #myWexo image

2. #mywexo

Are you active on social media and do you like to take on challenges? Then the #mywexo bounty program is just for you. Every week, the winner will be announced on our Telegram chat site. From that point on, we leave your creativity to do the work and come up with the best, most original picture with Wexo. You can make a post with anything connected to Wexo, for example, Wexo mobile app, Wexo brochure, etc. Whatever you choose, make sure you tag @wexopay on your social media and you can win up to 100 Wexo tokens.

  • Reward:Up to 100 Wexo tokens weekly.

  • • Make the most original picture with Wexo
  • • Upload it to one or more of the Wexo social media pages
  • • Tag #mywexo and @Wexopay
  • • Wait for the winner to be announced
Bounty quiz image

3. Quiz

Do you think you know something about cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens, or would you like to learn something new about Wexo? If you are interested, then you need to pay close attention to our weekly quiz on our Telegram chat site. The quiz will take place in the chat with the help of our quiz bot. There are three winners in each quiz, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The timing of the quiz will be announced in advance.

  • Reward:1st place: 100 tokens. 2nd place: 75 tokens. 3rd place: 50 tokens.

  • • Watch social media pages of Wexo, where the Quiz will be announced beforehand
  • • Make sure to dust off your cryptocurrency knowledge
  • • Be on Telegram 5 minutes before the Quiz
  • • Answer as good and as fast as you can
  • • The winners will be announced right after the Quiz
Bounty secret bounty image

4. Secret bounty

This bounty will be different every month. It will not be announced in advance, so you will not know what exactly the bounty will be rewarded for. Each bounty will be published retrospectively at the end of the month. It could be anything connected with your online activity regarding Wexo social media sites and channels. Stay connected and get ready for the first secret bounty challenge.

  • Reward:500 Wexo tokens.
Bounty every voice counts image

5. Every voice counts

This reward is aimed at users who will complete all the conditions for subscription, meaning like, follow and subscribe on social media pages. What do you need to do to get the reward? Click on this link and follow all the steps.

  • Reward:5 Wexo tokens.
Bounty golden ideas image

6. Golden Ideas

This bounty is all about rewarding you, our users for any suggestions on how to make the platform better, what to improve, what should we start doing and what should we, on the other hand, rather stop doing. You can send your inquiries to our email at any time, and we will announce the suggestions, we decide to be the best to work on, as the winners regularly.

  • Reward:Coming soon